Storage Tank Replacement & Repiping

We were called out to this commercial building after they noticed a water heater (storage tank) began actively leaking. The building had called other plumbers out several times over the last couple years to address leaks in this same area. When we arrived, we found numerous fittings that showed signs of leaks and corrosion and needed repairs, and the tanks themselves were in need of replacement. We worked with the building to come up with a plan for replacing the tanks and repiping the lines serving them so they would no longer need to call a plumber out every couple months. This two day project went very smoothly, and they will have many years of worry-free service from these new tanks. We love working with our customers to find long term solutions for their plumbing needs!

New Construction

The Plumbing Department, Inc. worked very hard on a new construction, single family home on the North Side of Chicago. This included installation of drain, waste, and vent underground, as well as water lines thruout the home and dual tankless water heaters. The project went very smoothly due to a well organized general contractor, and we were thrilled to be a part of the team!

Underground Repiping

After the owner of this home experienced a backup, we were called out to investigate their sewer line. When we scoped the line we found a section of the 6″ clay sewer that roots had infiltrated to the point of no return. We excavated down to the sewer line and repaired the area of concern. We also installed a cleanout access point for future regular servicing of the line, so the homeowner will not need to worry about roots causing so much damage in the future!