Gas Lines

Natural Gas Piping

It is critical that a home’s gas piping operates without error and provides the necessary gas to all appliances that require it, including furnaces, water heaters, stoves and ovens and fireplaces.

Efficient operation of natural gas in your home helps you maintain a comfortable indoor temperature, assures hot showers, and provides consistent cooking temps and cozy fires.

We can help ensure that the natural gas piping system is installed, inspected and maintained safely and is operating efficiently.

Our plumbers can help with the following:

  • Installation of natural gas piping
  • Inspection
  • Repair
  • Maintenance

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Gas Leak Repairs

If the gas company is called out for a leak, you will need a licensed plumber to assess, isolate, repair and test the system before the gas is returned to the home. 


In these situations, you can trust The Plumbing Department. We’ll make the required repairs quickly and safely. We’ll get you back into your home with your natural gas service restored as soon as possible. 

Installing Natural Gas Piping:

New Construction or Remodel

When it comes to a new construction or a remodel, gas piping must be installed after the framing and rough-in stage of the project, because it is installed within walls, ceilings and floors. However, the gas piping needs to be installed before the drywall flooring or ceiling finishes are added. 

Installation of natural gas piping should always be performed by a qualified and licensed plumber like our team at The Plumbing Department. We can ensure that the gas piping is installed safely and complies with all applicable regulations. 

It’s our job to: 

  • Select the best location for the gas lines 
  • Select the appropriate size and type of piping material
  • Ensure the installation adheres to all local building codes and safety regulations. 

Natural gas is a crucial component of modern homes. However, the importance of safe and efficient natural gas piping cannot be overstated. The Plumbing Department recognizes the significance of properly installing, inspecting, and maintaining natural gas piping systems to ensure safe and reliable operation. Our licensed and experienced plumbers can help Chicago area homeowners with any gas piping related concerns.

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