The Dangers of Drano

We’ve all been there. Your tub drain has started draining slowly, and you feel like you don’t need a plumber to take care of such a small issue. So you stop at the store and pick up that iconic red bottle of Drano. It’s quick, cheap, easy, and seems to get the job done just fine! However, Drano has a darker side to it. The harmful chemicals in Drano can end up being corrosive to your pipes. Drano has been known to cause toilet bowls to crack, soften and break PVC pipes and break older corroded pipes. Over time, the continued usage of Drano can lead your pipes to corrode, crack and eventually fail. This can result in a much larger expense than calling out a professional to clear out your drains when necessary.

Take care to use food/hair strainers in your drains to avoid blockages, and reach out to your trusted plumber if you are experiencing any slow drains. Check out our page on Drain Cleaning Services to learn more about how we can help you with slow moving drains!


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